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Dear Customer,

First real rates loan comparison site in the UK

Thank you…

Thank you for discovering realrates.com. The first pure real rates site in the UK for loans!

For the first time, you can compare loan prices matched exactly to you.

The first time? Really?

Yes, despite 20 years of online personal finance comparison in the UK, until now consumers have been comparing Representative APR’s… and this is not a smart way to choose a loan!

Real Rates, is the only way…

Real rates are loan interest rates matched exactly to your circumstances - where you live, what you earn, your marital status, etc, etc.

realrates.com shows you real rates only. Plus, we tell you which lenders will accept and decline your application – without a harmful footprint on your credit profile, and - all our personal loan real rates are guaranteed. You will never be 'upsold' a higher rate after you apply.

So, what’s wrong with a ‘Rep APR’?

Basically, it’s like choosing a loan for you… based on the interest rate someone-else can get!

It’s a bit like picking up a loaf of bread that says ‘from £1.50’ only to find out later, when you check the till receipt, you were charged £7.80! If you’re thinking ‘that sounds like a crazy way to choose a loan’ we agree. Yet, even in 2018, this is how most people choose their loan.

It’s a big deal! Now, every adult can compare loans…

About 9 out of 10 UK adults will benefit from comparing real rates, albeit, arguably, everyone benefits, because not one, single, person should choose a loan without first knowing the real rate! We believe about only one in ten consumers can benefit from the market leading Representative APRs that you see at the top of traditional price comparison sites.

The team…

We know about price comparison. In our team we have ex-MoneySupermarket and ex-GoCompare team members plus staff who have worked for lenders. I myself, spent nearly ten years at MoneySupermarket.com where I was Managing Director of the money channels and I have helped set up price comparison sites in fourteen countries across Asia, Europe and Latin America.

From Sweden with love x

We are based in Cheshire but real rate comparison was started in Sweden and is now the most popular way to compare loans in the Nordics and Germany. We ‘doff our cap’ to the entrepreneurs who set up Lendo.se & Check24.de. This is the future of loan comparison in the UK and we are extremely proud to be the first dedicated site to bring real rates to the UK. Welcome to realrates.com.

Yours faithfully,

Stuart Glendinning

Stuart Glendinning, ACIB

Founder, realrates.com

p.s. there’s more information about real rates in the FAQs

p.p.s. real rates is the only sensible way to choose a loan! Don’t ever go back to using a Representative APR