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What's with the fish?

anglerfish /'aŋɡləfɪʃ/ a fish that lures prey with a fleshy lobe on a filament arising from the snout, typically with a very large head and wide mouth, and small body and tail.

representative apr /'rep apr/ like an anglerfish, the Rep APR lures you in with a loan interest rate that looks affordable only to find out afterwards that the real interest rate wasn't what you were expecting.


Why we're better

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With no impact on your credit score

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Compare misleading Rep APR's

Only 2 in 10 are accepted for the Rep APR

Only see real rates after you apply

Which affects your credit score

Representative Example: Borrowing £3,500 over 36 months with a representative 21.5% APR fixed, the amount payable would be £132.76 per month with a total amount payable of £4,779.47

UnRepresentative APR’s

Loan adverts with very low Representative APR's e.g. 2.8% will, for most people, be misleading. The majority of applicants will be declined or offered a rate higher than advertised.

We only work with real rates - so the rates you see are matched exactly to you.

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What others have said about Representative APR’s

I think it is a mammoth rip off. It is a completely hidden charge. It is a way of allowing lenders to advertise what looks to be hideously competitive rates and to come top of the ‘Best Buy’ tables … It is absolutely a hidden scandal

Martin Lewis, Moneysavingexpert


No harm to your credit score

For you to compare loans with real interest rates - our panel of lenders will run a 'soft search' on you to see what loans you are eligible for with no harm to your credit score.

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Pure real rates

The first pure real rates loan comparison site in the UK


Rate Guarantee

The first loans comparison to offer a Rate Guarantee on the rates displayed



The first to supply Acceptance Certainty Scores directly from the lender



The first to show you which lenders will decline your application


Who benefits most from comparing real rates?

Everyone should know the interest rate and cost of credit before they apply for a loan! The following, in particular, will benefit:

Rate Guarantee

By only showing real interest rates - not Rep APR’s - we can offer our customers a Rate Guarantee on the rates displayed

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See the full picture

We believe that when you compare loans, you should not only see who will accept you but also who will decline your application

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