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'The days of the "vested interests" pushing fake APRs are over.'
 The Guardian

'We have a ridiculous system in the UK where loans are advertised as a Representative APR [which is] a teaser rate'
 BBC Radio 4

'At last it's something that will help people know where they stand with the interest rates they pay'
 The Mirror

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Frequently Asked Questions

Real rates are loan interest rates matched exactly to you

We show you which loan providers will pre-approve your application and, for others, show you an Acceptance Certainty Score.

No. All our real rates quotations come with a Rate Guarantee so, the rate will not increase immediately after you apply.

No. Every loan provider on uses a ‘soft search’ and possibly other checks to see if they can provide you with a loan and to deliver your real rate quotes. A ‘soft’ credit search helps our providers to decide whether or not they may be able to lend money to you. Unlike a ‘hard’ credit search, a soft search is recorded on your credit file, but only you rather than any other lender will be able to see it. A soft search does not therefore affect your credit score.

The law says we have to include a Representative APR when advertising financial products. If your quotation search is accepted by any of our providers, the real rates you are offered will be based exactly on your circumstances.

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