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Cookie Policy

We are keen to optimise your customer experience when using our site so therefore we use cookies. Cookies are small pieces of data created when you visit a website and are stored in the cookies directory on your computer. They do not give us any access to your computer and cannot be used to identify an individual user. Like the majority of websites, we track information about people who visit our site by using these cookies. This information includes your IP address, operating system and browser type. This numerical and non-numerical data provides us with valuable information such as measuring how many people are using realrates.com together with creating an understanding on which pages are most useful, any broken links or pages that are slow to load. It’s important for you to note that we never use this information to identify any individual. We use this data to present you, our visitors with a consistent experience.






This cookie collects anonymous information about how users interact with our site which allows us to make improvements to our service.Click here for more information

Essential site cookies


This is an online site cookie, and is essential for the site to operate. It is deleted when you close your browser. For more information, Visit this page about PHP cookies

Google Analytics


These are Google Analytics cookies, which collect information, in an anonymous form, about how visitors use our site, which pages they visited, where they come from, and the number of visitors to our site. Click here for an overview of privacy at Google

Google AdWords

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These are cookies that Google AdWords use to monitor performance of advertising and serve adverts to visitors based on the websites they've previously visited. Click here for more information about ad personalisation.

Bing Ads

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These cookies are used by Microsoft's Bing Advertising to monitor performance of advertising and conversions

Facebook Pixel


These cookies are used by Facebook to help monitor performance of advertising on our website.Click here for more information



These cookies are used to record anonymous videos about how visitors interact with our website.Click here for more information


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These cookies are used by LinkedIn to allow us monitor performance of advertising and conversions


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These cookies are used by Quantcast to help us better understand the demographics of people who use our website.Click here for more info



These cookies are used by Zendesk (Zopim) our live chat

You may have a preference not to use cookies, if this is the case you can simply disable them by changing your browser settings. It should only take a few simple steps. Just go to your browser ‘Help’ settings and follow the instructions. You do need to be aware that this will likely negatively affect the functionality of our website together with others you visit.